Audiobook of The Starship Diaries now available

The Starship Diaries is now available as an audiobook read and produced by the author Dallas Kachan.

The audiobook:

  • Reproduces the 150+ footnotes of the original book as “asides”
  • Includes sound effects and music
  • Incorporates corrections from the printed edition
  • Runs over 19 hours total

Recording took place over twenty sessions spanning three months. Editing and post production spanned another five months. The project also features voice contributions from guest contributors Robinson Kelly and Lynn Bishop.

Author Dallas Kachan is a former professional broadcaster, who wrote, reported for and anchored the national news in Canada on the broadcast division of the Canadian Press, Canada’s national news agency.

The audiobook version of The Starship Diaries is available free to subscribers of Audible.com. On Amazon.com, it’s $21.83 USD.

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