E-book Starship Diaries released

Just over 10 years after its print release, The Starship Diaries is now available as an e-book.

Available now on Amazon and iTunes, the e-book is a quick download and faithfully reproduces the 43 chapters of the original, which had only been available in softcover since its introduction in 2004.

“An electronic version was long overdue, but it took longer than expected to do a complete edit of the original,” said Author Dallas Kachan. “It was gratifying to finally correct a handful of issues that some readers had found over the years.”

The new electronic-only third edition e-book:

  • Incorporates all the graphics of the original, illustrating the route of flight and cloud cover for each leg
  • Replaces the 150+ footnotes of the original with convenient hypertext end notes – readers can click on notes inline if interested in a particular subject; clicking on the note number returns the reader to the storyline
  • Corrects inaccuracies from the printed second edition

When purchased for Kindle devices, the book is delivered in Kindle format. When purchased for iOS and other devices, the book is delivered in ePub format. Pricing starts at $5.48.

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