The Starship Diaries previewed at Oshkosh 2004

Author Dallas Kachan launched the first printing of The Starship Diaries and spoke at a panel on the Starship at the world’s largest aviation trade show, EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh.


Dallas Kachan and Burt Rutan at Oshkosh 2004.


Author Dallas Kachan meets attendees at Oshkosh 2004.


Dallas Kachan, Starship design team leader John Roncz and Raytheon Starship project manager Ed Hooper discuss The Starship Diaries.


Moderator Mark Huber of Air & Space Smithsonian, Dallas Kachan, reknowned Starship A&P mechanic Andy Horowitz, original Starship project manager Ed Hooper, DeKevin Thornton of the Starship avionics team at Rockwell Collins, NC-53 owner/pilot Bob Scherer, Starship test pilot Tom Carr and Starship designer & aviation pioneer Burt Rutan.